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"There have been numerous media reports about low rates of home ownership among today's thirtysomethings, which is a sign that this is not a blip." On both sides of the border, young people are staying home longer, and often returning to the nest after initially flying away."Hery typical to stay at home while getting education," Schweitzer said, "and there's a prevalence of people getting second and third degrees now." Katelynn Langer is one such person.They're just choosing to delay it for logistical reasons.Casey Marshella moved back in with her parents in Fairfield, Conn., after graduating from Boston University last year."I'm single and I can't imagine doing that alone," she says."If I could wave the magic wand," she says, to make her debt disappear, "I would want to do all the things that people my age have always wanted to do." Economic realities have pushed young adults today to focus more on school, careers and work and less on finding spouses or partners and having children, Fry said.As soon as it's entirely gone, she plans to strike out on her own. woman now marries at 27.1 years old, the typical man at 29.2, according to census data.

Within weeks, she and a friend — who also lives with her parents — expect to find their own place.

(Katelynn Langer) For the first time in at least 130 years, young people between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to be living at home with their parents than in any other living arrangement. S., 2014 marked the first time on record when the most common choice of home for young adults wasn't under their own roof with a spouse or common law partner.


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