Can a teacher get in trouble for dating a parent

He has also been convicted on two charges of possessing child porn.Long ago, as a trainee journalist, I was taught the law around court reporting.If the judge, Anne Waddicor, were able to stop people searching the Internet using any of this information, you imagine that that would have been ordered too.Other than the bare details of the sentencing, nothing of what I’ve written above is now in the public domain.That’s bad luck, but still hugely disappointing for the many men who came forward to to testify.Some of them have been fighting for more than a decade to expose what happened at our school back then.In the dorm, a witness who was not directly abused by him told the court that Haigh liked to let the boys pull off his clothes, exposing his erection.Haigh smirked and giggled when the court heard this.


“It was Haigh who first taught me to be dishonest and keep dirty secrets." Another told how he had grown up thinking such abuse was perfectly normal – telling the “funny” story to entertain at dinner parties.

Sometimes that’s because there’s a risk of identifying the complainants - child victims of such crimes can, rightly, never be identified.


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