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We have information on how to obtain a vital record for events occurring outside of Wisconsin.

Don't be afraid to say "hi", I don't bite😉 I like to be outside, in the garden, grilling, fishing, golfing, etc.I am very involved in art and snowboarding 3 I love my friends but family always comes first.I could not live without my phone but when I'm with my people, phones away :) I'm VERY happy and excited and optimistic about everything and I consider myself to be very mature and caring : D I'm Alexx.The information on this web site is presented as a service to the citizens of La Crosse County and other Internet users.

While some of the information on this site is about legal issues or forms, it is not legal advice.

- Recently single and believe I will die alone lol - Oh yeah im a Scorpio as well but i promise you can't believe EVERYTHING you hear.


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