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edition of the text of Guido has been made possible by the scholarly zeal and personal kindness of Professor Carleton Brown of New York University, at whose instance the Modern Language Association of America petitioned the Carnegie Institution of Washington for a subvention to defray the expenses of a complete edition of the Historia Destructionis Troiae.

The petition was referred by the Carnegie Institution of Washington to the American Council of Learned Societies, which, after careful study of the project, secured a subvention for the preparation of the text from the Carnegie Corporation of New York City.

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Leland, Permanent Secretary of the American Council of Learned Societies, who has taken a quite personal interest in the edition, and to Mr G. Cottrell, Jr., Executive Secretary of the Mediaeval Academy, for skilful assistance in preparing copy for the printer, I here express my deep gratitude.

The text which is now offered furnishes, of course, but the initial constituent of a complete edition of Guido.

From the commencement of my textual labors in 1929 I have profited constantly by the invaluable counsel of Professor J. Without the many valuable suggestions of Professor Tatlock, whose skill in all matters pertaining to text construction has ever been at my disposal, this edition would never have attained its present form.


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