Do nicki minaj and nas dating Telugu wap xxx


He's a rap legend, and I have a lot of respect for that. But I might make an exception to the rule for him.”Check out Nicki & Das getting extra close at his birthday party (below) and let us know what you think.

She is one of the most famous female rappers in the world.

(Read more here)It’s pretty obvious that Ellen has no shame when it comes to asking uncomfortable questions, and she has a brilliant way of doing it.

When talking about exposing her breast at Paris Fashion Week, Ellen found a way to ask Nicki about Nas and well, she had no choice but to answer.

"Back in May, Minaj responded to Nas romance rumors, telling Ellen De Generes, "I'm just chillin' right now.

Remember a few months ago when Nicki Minaj and Nas were pictured together and made everyone on the internet go totally bonkers thinking the two rappers were dating?


The Ether hitmaker rocked a backwards cap, white hoodie, and platinum chain necklace featuring a large pendant.

Then on Thursday, Nas posted a photo of himself with Minaj on Instagram with the caption, "Virgo Season With my Real One From Queens! Nas and John Seymour have recently just opened their second restaurant Sweet Chick in LA. Nicki has been to both spots and always supportive of him and his new ventures."But even though Minaj is supportive of Nas, it sounds like it's just a friendly relationship right now."They share a really close friendship and always has each other's back," the source tells us.

@nickiminaj #hennessylife." Minaj also posted a sweet pic with Nas on social media. #Escobar Season."However, despite the show of PDA at the party, where guests enjoyed a variety of Hennessy cocktails including Nas' signature mixed drink, The Big Apple, along with a classic V. "Nicki is single now and dating but nothing serious.

On Wednesday night, footage surfaced of Nas celebrating his birthday at a restaurant presumably in NYC, and right by his side under his arm is his rumored girlfriend Nicki Minaj.


From what we can see, Nicki appears to be snuggled up under Nas’ arm like their more than just friends, while her hand rests on his stomach and a chocolate birthday cake is brought out to their table and friends & family sing “happy birthday” to the rap mogul.

Cape Town – Nicki Minaj has finally come clean about those Nas dating rumours, all thanks to Ellen De Generes.


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