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The couple dated for two years before going public with their relationship in 2009.They married in 2010 and now have two children." and said that his heart still flutters every time he sees his wife. ) He married the actress and former Miss Korea in 2008. On 2009, Son Tae Young gave birth to their son, Luke, who is nicknamed Rookie.You fix it, just like how everyone used to fix their telephones and television sets.These days, people just throw them away and buy new ones Age gap doesn't matter. Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin met on the set of the 2009 kdrama "Smile," but it wasn't until the drama ended and he met her again that he realized just how attractive his co-star was.Her husband, whom she began dating after they starred together in The wedding was held at Aston House at W Seoul’s Walkerhill, with a thousand invited attendees, where some notable actors and actresses were also present.Right now, the two are happily settled with their two children.Their minimalist invitation was made from environmentally friendly paper and had the number 1,825 written on it, the exact amount of the days the two have spent together as a couple. ) They were married at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on December 2, 2011.


"Every relationship has problems but you don't throw it away when it's not working.She gave birth to her first daughter on March 23, 2014 and welcomed her second on November 22, 2015..” Our longtime celebrity couple welcomed their first baby in early morning of April 13 2016, at a maternity clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul.The star couple has been through so much after Han's heartbreaking miscarriage in 2014.The actors met years later when they both happened to be in Los Angeles.


They had dinner together, sparks flew and they became more than friends.

Their romantic relationship began in 2006, and they were among the very few Korean star couples who openly admitted their dating status.



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