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When Byron proposed to Mary Delgado at the end of their season, he did so in . According to Chris Harrison, Charlie is the Bachelor with whom he got along least."Charlie and I, he was just East Coast, me, Southern kid... The couple embarked on an on-again, off again relationship for two years, and split for the last time in 2010.Travis Lane Stork Picked Fellow Tennessee Native After a romantic season set in Paris, Travis Lane Stork (is his name for real?We don’t know if Jessica didn’t like Jesse or New York, but either way, the relationship ended after a month. In 2007, Jesse retired from football to pursue a career in broadcasting.Since then, Jesse has worked for Fox Networks and ESPN as a sports analyst.

In this Rome-based season, Prince Lorenzo chose Jennifer Wilson in the end, though he didn't end up proposing. Lorenzo himself decided to start the Royal Pet Club, a company which offers pet-friendly products, and still supports many pet-friendly causes to this day. Well, we know that Nick has moved on to become a men's beauty expert.But Nick's only one in a series of 22 men who have had their romantic life aired on primetime TV, and have had to forge a life for themselves afterward.After Lorenzo and Wilson split, Lorenzo was spotted on the streets of New York with runner-up Sadie Murray. Despite these royal roots, he’s mostly he’s stuck to reality TV.


He even appeared on a Dutch reality TV show about princes seeking spouses. Naval officer, ironman triathlete, and surgeon proposed to Tessa Horst at the series’ end.

He also had a stint as the host of men were actually selected to be the Bachelor.


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