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Yu-ja came to the interview with Mi-kyung, a 15-year-old runaway from the southern port city of Busan whom she also resides with.Mi-kyung says the reason she first fled home was that, like Yu-ja, she wanted to avoid schoolwork and be with friends.

However, his abilities were never scientifically investigated.

Last week, Californian researchers told of a white whale that liked to tell divers to get out of his pool.

No C, as he was called, was also fond of holding burbling 'conversations' with himself. They add that he might not be the only pachyderm which has proved to be a good mimic.

Former employers at entertainment venues often track down their former prostitutes and threaten to tell their families unless they pay a fee.


Many subsequently are ostracized from their husbands and families after they discover the women are former prostitutes.

He refused to pay her for her services after accusing her of stealing his wallet and beating her for the theft," Cheon recalls.


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