Trigger updating

Earlier cameras without an inbuilt external flash control menu, like the much loved original Canon 5D, will still have full functions as well.I don’t have the 5D to test, but I tried with an early 20D and that works fine with full control.


Now the King Pro really have solid range and transmission power.

Please Note – This review was based on the original V000 firmware which was working very well.

Firmware V001, and V100, added some compatibility with the previous King receivers, as well as the Canon 6D and 700D cameras. And also V101 for all other cameras which adds full compatibility with previous King receivers.

(The previous King’s pass through hotshoe was not enabled).

ETTL or Manual power setting for each of the 3 groups are clearly displayed as well as the flash head zoom setting for each.

Traditional Canon ETTL ratios A: B and A: B C can also be selected.


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